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Modern gardening harmoniously unites style and functionality. Your plants will have ideal conditions to grow in garden harmony enhancing flower pots, made of Cor-ten® steel, and your eyes will admire their impeccable shape and colour. Whether you decide to grow decorative plants, flowers, spices or vegetables, in these planters they will have a drainage system, isolation from bad weather conditions, and strong and continuous security.

450 Eur

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A courtyard design element providing subtle luxury and modernity to the environment. Because of Cor-ten® stainless steel characteristics, your planters won’t change their appearance. Your eyes will be pleased seeing a colour assortment combined with green environment, and a synthesis of forms and architecture.


Peace with green environment. Form and architecture fusion.

About Cor-ten®

Cor-ten® is a trademark of the United States Steel Corporation, registered in 1930*. The main feature of this unique material is that affected by changing weather conditions and time, it covers itself with natural decorative outer layer of oxides called patina, thereby protecting itself from further degradation. Over time and under the influence of climate conditions, the process gradually stabilizes, and you can enjoy many years of hard quality products without any additional care, painting or scrubbing. Cor-ten® steel products are durable and have a unique aesthetic look. * The material is manufactured under the US Steel Corporation license and meets the requirements of EN 100255:2004.


Rectangle shape


Harmony, ideal tidiness and embodied wisdom. The MEZZO product line – a sustainable stability, creating eternal classics. Accurate classical geometric shapes providing a harmonious balance to your environment. Be here and now with all your being, feel the balance between endless rush and relaxing moments, knowing exactly what you want. Everything in your courtyard has its place and perfectly matches the environment.

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