Fireplace | Calmando




A modern fire pit in the heart of the courtyard will become an undoubtful entertainment area for the whole family. The Cor-ten® steel fireplace is specifically designed to reflect the warmth and light into the surroundings and the ones sitting around it.

A special element of courtyard design that will become an absolute hub of your home. Give your surroundings and evening entertainment some comfort, warmth and light. Modern fireplaces create a special space in your courtyard and give a different meaning to it.


Fire and light create miracles, warm up not only bodies but also hearts and initiates sincere conversations.

About Cor-ten®

Cor-ten® is a trademark of the United States Steel Corporation, registered in 1930*. The main feature of this unique material is that affected by changing weather conditions and time, it covers itself with natural decorative outer layer of oxides called patina, thereby protecting itself from further degradation. Over time and under the influence of climate conditions, the process gradually stabilizes, and you can enjoy many years of hard quality products without any additional care, painting or scrubbing. Cor-ten® steel products are durable and have a unique aesthetic look. * The material is manufactured under the US Steel Corporation license and meets the requirements of EN 100255:2004.


Rounded rectangle shape


Gentleness and vitality The CALMANDO product line is a spirit of comfort and relief in your garden. After a long day spent at work and in rush hours, simply enter a garden and hear it whisper the CALMANDO mantra. No more strict forms, only easily flowing power of relaxation that recovers vital forces. Stable, yet soft rounded courtyard decoration shapes, energetically associated with a comforting feeling of security. It will easily create a balance of sharply angled architecture by softening it and bringing cosiness into your surroundings.